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The Stake in Dracula’s Heart

Posted in Bush,Cheney,Politics,Uncategorized by dylanfreak on August 8, 2007

The following two linked articles provide fascinating and terrifying insights into the psychological conditions, respectively, of POTUS Bush and VPOTUS Cheney. Although the tone of both articles is calm and subdued, the scenarios they imply suggest a real life horror movie waiting to happen. And, for both authors, the only remedy — the equivalent of driving the stake through the vampire’s heart — is (you guessed it) impeachment.

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush by Coleen Rowley

Bush and Cheney Cornered; The Need to Impeach Before Iran Attack by Bill Hare

The first piece is a very interesting collaboration between the “Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity” (VIPS) — a group that includees administration critic Ray McGovern and famed whistleblower Coleen Rowley — and the Washington-based psychiatrist and author, Dr. Justin Frank. Progressives will be very familiar with Dr. Frank as the author of the excellent  book-length psychological study, Bush on the Couch, which was published in 2004. In the intervening years, Bush’s behavior has proven Frank’s dire diagnosis of the Resident to be all-too-accurate.

In the article, Dr. Frank makes much the same case about Bush’s destructive, dangerous and frighteningly unstable mindset as he did in the book, except he uses it to attempt to predict (using the principles of applied psychoanalysis) Bush’s behavior in response to several plausible near-future scenarios. These are: a) a major Tet-like attack by insurgents upon Baghdad’s “Green Zone,” b) an Israeli air attack on Iran and c) a decision by Congress to cut off all war funds.

The second article deals with both Bush and Cheney and the effects that substance abuse (and, in Cheney’s case, food abuse) might be having on their actions. Mr. Hare, interestingly, reminds us of one of the most intriguing episodes of the 2004 campaign: the Vice-Presidential debate, when former Senator Edwards tore apart Cheney’s anti-progressive record as a Congressman, much to the VPOTUS’ evident astonishment. Mr. Hare attributes Cheney’s loss of composure on that occasion with a loss of oxygen to the brain caused by his health problems. With all due respect to Mr. Hare, I prefer to see the cause not as built-up cholesterol, but as built-up arrogance, produced by the obscene deference routinely lavished upon him by both Congress and the supine news media, who insist on seeing this extreme-right-wing political hack from Wyoming as some kind of elder statesman. No wonder that he was flabbergasted when Edwards insisted that he actually be judged on his record!

But one thing in Hare’s article cannot be argued with: the urgent need posed by his question “is it not all the more imperative to move with swift vigor toward impeachment?”


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