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Bush Is Still in Office and My Knee Is Killing Me…

Posted in Bush,Cheney,Iraq,Politics,Uncategorized by dylanfreak on August 9, 2007

There are not even a hundred people protesting with me outside the Central Park West entrance to Tavern on the Green, as the Democrats drive or walk blithely by. The Dems are heading to TOTG to attend a fundraiser for Congressman Charley Rangel (see Action Alert below). We’re hoping to get the urgency of our impeachment message across. Indeed, passing motorists honk and a few passers-by (some of them, perhaps, among the fundraiser’s attendees) give us dissidents the thumbs-up. But I fear that there are not nearly enough of us.

If I were Rangel (or Hillary, who also was scheduled to attend), I would hardly be intimidated by this ragtag group. All Democratic lawmakers undoubtedly receive untold numbers of faxes and emails more or less ordering them to impeach the bums. But it’s one thing to have one’s office inundated with messages and quite another to come face-to-face with a horde of outraged constituents, all demanding Bush’s head on a platter. If there had been thousands, or even hundreds of people outside that entrance, it would have made all the difference.

And where are the students? The average age of the protesters tonight must have been at least thirty-five. The big mystery of the peace movement was and remains the relative absence of the young. (And yes, at all the big demos and rallies, I always see college and even high school students, overwhelming female, marching in pride and anger, but they are hardly leading the way, as students did in the 1960’s.) Was antiwar idealism, in the last analysis, all about the draft after all? A disturbing question.

It’s a hot evening in the park, the kind of night I love, but I can’t enjoy it. Because of Bush. Because of Cheney. Because of the brave, gallant, exciting youth movement that has yet to be born. But also because of that goddam knee…


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  1. Slivermoon said,

    My heart goes out to you. People have lost hope my friend. They have also lost their energy, thanks to all the chemtrail drug spraying. People are truly sick and tired. It worked, and now it’s all people can do to get out of bed in the morning and face another 14 hour day as a slave to the rich and powerful. I’m afraid our democracy has been lost. The election, and the goings on, at this stage, is for show. Nothing more.

  2. cllundgren said,

    On the other hand, you should have seen the enthusiastic crowd at the Peace Concert at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the U.N. on Thursday afternoon.We had a small but enthusiastic Green Party contingent amongst the other groups that were represented. I noted a number of familiar faces from other groups with which I work. We distributed impeachment petitions and other materials. I even registered a new Green Party member. The previous evening I was collecting signatures for new GP representatives and found a similar enthusiasm amongst the signers. Democracy is not lost.It justs needs a new roadmap.

  3. ClapSo said,

    Your knee is bothering you? Sorry to hear that and I hope it gets better soon.

    The bush crime family and the rest of the two parties of the apocalypse have been A PAIN IN MY ASS FOR DECADES!

    Third party candidates have a real chance to gain seats in the house come the 2008 election. Keep plugging, the election of even a handful of non-dem, non-repub candidates would show a sea change in our political system…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. Suzie-Q said,

    Sorry your knee is bothering you… I hope it gets better soon.

    People are so fed up with Bush et al.. He has caused so much pain and like your knee, it will end someday but not soon enough.

  5. charles bukowski said,

    There are not near as many people in the world that give a rats ass as there should be. I only pray they don’t build a fence between us and Canada.If shit starts going down I’m just going to leave this pit of despair, and drop my citizenship at the door. I’m too smart to fight for a place like this.I’d rather stand back and watch it burn.The sad truth is it was founded by evil fucks,it’s owed by evil fucks,and it’s run by evil fucks.An there is nothing us have nots can do about,but die the streets by the thousands to regain control of a country who’s economy is about to collapse.Some victory. I’d rather leave.

  6. charles bukowski said,

    OH I’m sorry was my post not pc,or did it shatter your hope for making a change in history.Well i’m sorry but it’s true read a fucking history book, in this country when people stand up to make something happen they get a ass full of lead.No medals and parades when get in the mans face he will fucking ghost your ass. case in point {the bonus army},{coal miners revolt},{lincon county war},{the trail of tears}you can remove my post but that would make you a nazi just like bush

  7. charles bukowski said,

    All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.Where were all of you concerned cittizens eight years ago.I’ll tell you if at this moment it escapes you.If you are like the other 80% of Americans you were eating fat steaks, buying over sized land boats,and generally not giving a rats ass about what is going on around you.All I see now a day is republican johnny come latelys crying your eyes about the state of the nation.”Bo
    Ho” I have no tears for you.You stupid sacks of crap were
    won with a campain of evil,sweet promises of hate and oppression of the common homosexal, stripping of civil libertys to protect the common man from himself, and the
    placement white jesus in the white house to destroy brown people and non-believers.WOW I fill safer already.The religous right is to blame and I hope they are ashamed of the actions.

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