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The Fall of the Rovan Empire: Why the Exit of Bush’s Evil “Genius” is Terrible News for the Left

Posted in Bush,Cheney,Iraq,Politics,Rove,War by dylanfreak on August 18, 2007

The Reaction 

Both the mainstream media and Washington insiders professed astonishment at the departure of Karl Rove from the White House this week. This is very curious, since no one in the political world would have been surprised if he had announced his resignation in January or February. After all, he “lost” — or rather failed this time to steal — the 2006 election for the Republicans. In that election year, the Democrats proved themselves the equals of Rove in slimeballiness, promising their liberal base to end the war (a vow they never had any intention of fulfilling), while reaching out to the “center” (that is, the moderate Right) on other issues.

So it’s not Rove’s fall that surprises people, but its timing. And actually it’s not at all surprising to us, given what the White House is now contemplating. In fact, it makes perfect sense. But we’ll get back to that later, after we briefly summarize the implications of Rove’s vile career.

The Hack as Warrior

Rove had the dubious distinction, more than any other modern public figure, of making the concept of “politics as war” literal. His conviction that liberals in general and Democrats in particular were not merely misguided or wrong, but absolutely evil motivated his every move. His scorched earth strategies against the Dems (including two stolen Presidential elections) led many of his opponents to label him a political genius. This was, of course, entirely self-serving: if you allow yourself to lose time and time again without a fight, it’s tremendously soothing to your ego to imagine that the person you deem responsible for your defeat is some kind of mastermind.

To our shame, we, too, once bought into this bogus theory. For we’re now convinced that Rove’s reputation as an Evil Genius is (as he himself has often remarked) a myth. He was evil, but not at all a genius. Instead, he was a rather ordinary, though quite clever, fascist with a knack for perceiving the stupidity of his foes and exploiting it… and then covering his tracks.

The Elections That Fell Off the Truck

When it became clear that Bush had lost Florida to Gore in 2000, Rove (and Jim Baker, who had previously served as Dubya’s daddy’s “Rove”) took the risk that they could win anyway by running out the clock with legal maneuvering… and that the Dems so disliked Gore that they would not challenge the theft. With a little help from the Supreme Court, the gamble paid off. The lesser-known story is how he and his henchman pulled off much the same trick in 2004. When Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik challenged the Ohio vote, they and their supporters uncovered a hotbed of election scandal: intimidation and deception, tampered machines, spoiled ballots and the ridiculously partisan Republican Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell, the honorary co-chair of the Bush reelection committee.

Among the most tragic revelations was the fact that the GOP mob deliberately saw to it that polling places in minority (and traditionally strongly Democratic) neighborhoods in Ohio would lack sufficient voting machines to function effectively. This was de facto Jim Crow segregation. Fewer machines meant longer lines, making it impossible for many minority voters — many of whom had jobs to get to on Election Day — to stay long enough to cast their ballot.

Just before Election Day, Kerry’s people were boasting that, after having personally contacted virtually every Democratic voter in the state, there was no way they could lose Ohio, and I believe them. But, almost as if scripted, the cowardly Kerry caved.  The candidate quickly conceded, and then refused to make any but the feeblest gestures to challenge the crime… and only under direct and relentless pressure from his betrayed supporters.

As in all such cases, Rove was somehow able to cover his ass: his campaign style was all over the Ohio fraud, but direct evidence of personal wrongdoing was lacking. However, he was the mastermind of the campaign, so if crimes were committed – even if he did not directly order them – he remains responsible. And what Rove has completely failed to perceive in the fervor of his Machiavellian machinations is that the party he so hates has by now become so nearly identical to his own that his scheming resembles nothing so much as a mad plot by Tweedledum to destroy Tweedledee.

The False Center

There’s been a curious reaction following Rove’s departure by some non-right-wing commentators to the effect that to despise Rove is somehow to become like Rove. Their bizarre conclusion is that to condemn such a hack demonstrates the same lack of civility that Rove and his supporters showed to their adversaries.

This is an excellent example of what I call “the false center” in American political discourse. There is a tendency in our political thought to distrust all extremes – even “extremes” of basic justice and honor — and cling to some safe middle ground, even if no such middle ground exists. The Founding Fathers did not flail about seeking some illusory compromise between the tyranny of a mad monarch and independence. Yet Americans crave so strongly the mellow “middle way” that it warps their ability to perceive what’s in front of their faces.

I would like to ask these commentators the following: “Did you like it when Southern bigots in the 1950s and 1960s did everything in their power to prevent blacks from exercising their rights as citizens to vote? So why can’t you see that what Rove did to black voters in Florida in 2000 and again in Ohio in 2004 was every bit as bad… no, worse, because of Rove’s closeness to the most powerful man in the land?” For in the last analysis, Rove’s crimes were not offenses against a political party, or even an ideology, but against the nation.

The Kingmaker is Dead, Long Live… Cheney?

So one would think that the departure of the man without whom Bush could never have seized the reigns of power would be cause for rejoicing for all progressives. But in fact Rove, awful as he was, represented the only effective counterforce to the real evil Emperor, Dick Cheney. For it’s been reported that, though Rove had been one of the loudest cheerleaders for the Iraq War, he strongly opposes expanding the war into Iran. This is not as odd as it sounds. He was a big risk taker, yes, but he was not suicidal. He was smart enough to see that, the morality of another war aside (and he had seldom been deterred by such considerations), the Iranians, if attacked, possess retaliatory options Saddam lacked. For example, if the U.S. or Israel bombed Iran, the mullahs could block the Strait of Hormuz, through which, according to Wikipedia, approximately 40 percent of the world’s petroleum passes, thus precipitating a world economic crisis.

Pushing this war on Bush was left to someone so drunk with power (perhaps literally) and with the desire to serve his oil industry paymasters, that he could and would defy Reason itself. And ominously, virtually the first act of this Administration after Turd Blossom’s departure was to seek to declare Iran’s Republican Guard a terrorist organization, a clear provocation on the path to war. It’s not hard to guess Bush’s “thought” processes in this matter: “If Karl couldn’t even win a stinking election for me, what good is his foreign policy advice? I’m sticking with Cheney from now on.” (So much for Bush’s legendary loyalty to his friends.)

There are only two options left now to stop a new, far more destructive war: get Congress to cut off all funds to Bush’s war machine, or toss both him and Cheney out of office. Both are long shots, and both depend upon the diligence and courage of the citizenry, not the Democratic machine. We’ll keep you posted in future messages on this blog as to what actions you, dear citizen, can take to stop the madness.


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  1. saywhen said,

    Great post – I, too, will add you to our blogroll! I hope you got to watch the Rove Rap video on our site – it’s certainly not to be missed! (

    I don’t know – I hate to be paranoid, but there’s something with his resignation that stinks to high heaven! Something’s up – and it can’t be very good. A guy with this kind of power doesn’t just up and resign to “spend time with the family.” Power like that is just like a drug – and I don’t see him just giving it up. I don’t even think it’s so he can’t be called to testify – watching his history, I’d bet he’d be itchin’ to take Congress on. No…like I said – something’s up and it can’t be good.

  2. ClapSo said,

    The dems and repubs are clearly in cahoots. They play act this competition thing, but then do the same things hen in power. The MSM is just the sales force for the failed policies of the two parties of the apocalypse!

    Looking forward to your suggested actions.

    My suggestion is to vote for ANYONE NOT A DEM OR REPUB come 2008!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  3. sarah said,

    Making policy is different. It means relentlessly working the politics of inclusion and compromise with 535 feudal lords on the Hill, multiple cabinet agencies, and innumerable interest groups and think tanks. It demands suffering fools gladly, holding your friends close – and your enemies closer – and engineering outcomes where everyone has to seem to be right and appear to win. Effective domestic-policy czars have the endurance and intelligence to work the gray areas and the humility to share the credit – even with the loyal opposition.

    Governance, as the superset of politics and policy, demands the strength to force political change, the grace to accept compromise and policy imperfections, and the wisdom to know the difference. Rove, the consummate political operative, was long on the strength and short on the grace to accept compromise. Now we can only wish Bush had known the difference.

  4. Suzie-Q said,

    I think he resigned due to the US Attorney scandal. When Congress returns from recess, we shall see…

  5. Kvatch said,

    Rove resigns at the end of August. Fred Thompson is set to announce in September and is having trouble keeping a seasoned campaign manager on board to boot. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  6. Chuck said,

    I’m with Kvatch on that one.

  7. weneedahero said,

    want to share this cool new anti-war video:

  8. Suzie-Q said,

    Are you still around? hmmm…

    Well, have Merry Christmas no matter where you are! 🙂

  9. gmij said,

    The markets are being manipulated directly or indirectly by lack of
    controls (could have suspended trading). The purpose is obvious,
    to create fear so the white collar thugs can steal more money…. It
    is a shameful rip-off. Wall street and it’s friends are not for the
    American people and need to be thoroughly investigated for criminal
    activities at the highest levels.

    If this is a real emergency that effects the security of our country, it
    is the responsibility of Government oversight committees and the
    SEC to shut down the market temporally until the real issue can be
    assessed or fixed. In the mean time, STOP the bailout, Go after the

    What happened to our judiciary Department? Indictments should be
    streaming out with all the laws, and regulations that have and are
    twisted to steal American taxpayers money.

    America —- stand up for yourselves; your fathers did.

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