Green Means \”Impeach\”


Who I am is not important, except for the fact that a) I love, like countless others, the genius of Bob Dylan and b) as a concerned citizen, I dearly want the criminals that now occupy the White House run out of town on a rail, or preferably a more speedy conveyance.

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  1. Brennan Browne said,

    I searched website after website and found page after page of slick, watered down, “safe” commentary regarding Bush and his posse of psychopaths. I was looking for some type of validation that I was not alone in my outrage and frustration over an Administration which has simply been handed the keys to the kingdom…by a spineless, clueless Congress and an ignorant, materialism-driven, apathetic public. I was hoping that there were a few courageous individuals [even while understanding that every email, phone call and website we visit is monitored] which would still risk speaking the unvarnished truth, albeit, at their own peril.

    Thank you for feeding my parched soul a much needed swig of TRUE reality…not the version state run media want me to believe or the rest of the right wing zealots I come across defend with such amazing absence of common sense, ethics or morality.

    The last post on this blog was nearly a year ago. I hope you’re still free and safe and not in some secret prison being water-boarded.

    Karl Rove was [and still is], one of the main architects behind the bloodless coup which has occurred right before the American public’s eyes…and most still haven’t a clue they’re living amid a fascist regime.

    Rove left his position because his job was done. That task was to set up a parallel government which will retain control no matter WHO wins the 2008 election and beyond. And you are so right when you say Rove is no genius…just a nefarious, twisted, little wacko with power. Aside from rigging elections [which is nothing new for the GOP] and placing conservative sycophants in positions of power throughout every branch of government [particularly the “Justice” Dept.] this little ‘man’ also has his perennial ear to the wall on Capital Hill. The GOP made sure that the company contracted to install the computer system connected to every Senator and Congressional Rep’s hard drive can be monitored and the most personal, sensitive and classified info easily retrieved without detection. A dictator’s dream if ever there was one!

    So, for the right wing fanatic who is no doubt monitoring my comments right now: May the good Lord bring His wrath down upon you…may the Bushes, Cheneys, Roves, Rices, Rumsfelds, and others of your ilk, be trampled beneath the feet of those you oppress; may MOB mentality reign supreme and you all hang on the steps of Capitol Hill, set ablaze and left to rot…a symbol for all those who spit upon your corpses, that sooner or later REAL justice does prevail.

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